Be Fit

Weight Manager

Be Fit is amazing app for managing your weight and much more. Set your own targets, change them if you want and let calculate when you achieve your dream weight. See all progress on graph, check what BMI you going to be and look up for how healthy it is. Be fit is weight manager so, as simply it sounds- that simple it is. You can add your current weight from 4 different places, including on-screen widget, just to make sure you keep on going. There are some tools for tracking weight already on the market, but some of them looks ugly, and others are difficult to use, and confusing. Be Fit is simple, yet powerfull, so you won't loose your time using it.

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What people say about Be Fit

Be Fit helps me control my weight. Now I can see my ups and downs as App calculates all for me. Super easy to use.

Thanks to this app I'm still motivated to get to my target! It’s beautifully shows my progress, calculates when I get to my goal and shows all statistics just on one click! It really does a trick! I just want to get there and Be Fit helps me with that.

From long time I was looking for healthy helper for myself. Be Fit is just what I needed. I wanted to maintain weight, see how my BMI is going and all that does it for me. Simple, easy and looking good.