Be Fit is compressive but still easy to use for everyone application. It compromises advanced calculations with user friendly interface and modern look. But why its better than others trackers on market? Just have a look..

Best features

Easy access to most important statistics

When you open application most important statistics are just waiting for you. You don’t have to look for it, it’s just giving you a super fast informations about your current progress. Curious how much left for getting to target? It’s there, tap on it and you will have sneak peak how much this target is. What is your BMI? How much weight you lost since last entry? Or actually how much you loosing every week? It’s all there. And most important, ‘Add your weight’ every time you open it, Be Fit will do rest for you.

Modern and informative calendar

Let’s keep everything well organised. Use calendar to keep all data nicely described. It’s not only pretty, point a date and it show you statistics or maybe point date, hold a moment and here we go - just add weight, from today, or this one from last week you forgot to add. Simple and organised.

Graphs with all records

Want to SEE your progress? Well graph will do it best. Maybe you want to show it for friends? Family? Make yourself proud, they will see it easy with graphic. Select period of time to make it clear. Still you can tap a dot and get date and weight from graph.

Multiple accounts and stress-free managment

Be Fit have user friendly management. It’s just easy. You can create many accounts, each can use different units, targets. Maybe you want share Be Fit with friend? Mom? Partner? They all can have accounts. In kilograms, stones or pounds, feets or centimetres. Just select which account you want use now, delete ones you don’t need anymore.

Well, it’s not everything. Be Fit gives you much more. It will calculate for you, draw it all nice graph and most important it will help you stay focused about your weight.